Why is my Dog eating so much Grass?

It can be quite concerning to see our dogs chowing down vigorously on a patch of grass, acting as if we rarely feed them at all. Owners worry not only about the effect the grass itself may have on the dog but also about the possibility of parasites such as intestinal worms and lungworm and toxins such as weed-killer and lawn feed. It is also possible for a grass blade to lodge in the throat, causing discomfort and local infection.

So, why do dogs eat grass? Well, there are various theories and no real consensus as of yet.

  • Some believe it is a trait they have inherited from their ancestors, who are thought to have eaten grass to ‘purge’ themselves of indigestible material in their stomach as well as parasites.
  • Others argue it is all fun and games and dogs enjoy pulling out the long stems, seeing it as entertainment to pass the time. They find their dog is more prone to grass-eating when left alone for long periods in their garden.
  • There is a theory that a number of dogs find the grass tasty, particularly in the Spring and Summer months when the new grass is fresh and full of simple sugars.
  • Those on low fibre diets may potentially eat grass to help bulk up their diet in a natural way.
  • Another suggestion is that those with stomach and digestive issues will eat grass to help deal with the feeling of acid in their stomach and to throw up excess bile.



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