10 Easy Dog Breeds to Own

Although these dogs aren’t one particular breed, but rather a mixture of breeds, you may still seriously considering adding a mutt to your household. By adopting this type of dog, you’ll avoid some downsides of purebreds, including often-high prices and an increased risk of genetic disorders.

The AKC cautions that you can make better predictions about a dog’s traits if you know her pedigree. That said, you can usually make an educated guess as to what type of ancestors a mutt has based on looks, temperament, and input from others.

If you’re willing to consider a non-purebred pooch, you may be able to adopt a housebroken dog from a shelter rather than buying a puppy from a breeder. You can rest assured knowing that purebreds and mixed-breeds show no significant differences in terms of their trainability.

Of course, just because a dog comes from a shelter doesn’t mean it’s a mixed-breed. Some rescues restrict themselves to certain breeds, such as greyhounds, and a surprising number of purebreds wind up in shelters, too.



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