10 Effective Natural Remedies for Dogs

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If you’ve ever sipped a steaming cup of chamomile tea to wind down at the end of the day or chewed on ginger to fight nausea, then you appreciate the power of natural remedies to help soothe common ailments. You can also harness Mother Nature’s power for your furry friends. Read on to learn how ingredients you can find in your kitchen or garden might help your pup feel better.

When to Use Natural Remedies for Dogs

If you’re like us, you probably feel your pup’s pain more than they do (especially when it comes to toenail clipping accidents!). So we probably don’t need to tell you that if your best friend isn’t acting like him or herself, call your vet. They can help you determine how serious the issue may be and whether or not you need to bring your dog to the clinic. Instead of immediately scheduling an appointment, they may suggest trying natural remedies first. Symptoms like itchy skin or mushy poop can be mild ailments that may respond to treatment with a drug-free, natural strategy.

Remember, just because a remedy is drug-free, doesn’t mean it’s not potent. Many of the most common—and powerful—veterinary and human drugs come from the natural world. Aspirin, one of the most widely used drugs on the planet, can be traced back to willow tree bark used to alleviate pain for over 3,000 years. Natural remedies can have negative effects, and they can interact with drugs your dog is already taking. Consult your vet for advice about specific natural remedies to try, and start slowly with small amounts to see how your dog reacts.

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When to Call the Vet

Blood. Difficulty breathing. An empty 12-ounce bag of Hershey’s Semisweet Chocolate Baking Chips. This is the stuff of pet parent nightmares—and reasons to dial up your favorite DVM. In emergency situations, call your vet, or simply head to the clinic, immediately. Symptoms of dire or severe situations include:

Open wounds


Sudden collapse

Sudden disorientation

Pale gums (Your dog’s gums should normally be pink and, when pressed gently with your finger, should flash white and turn back to pink within a second or two. Pale, blue, grey, or red gums signal trouble. Check your dog’s gums regularly so that you can know what they look like when your pup is healthy.)

10 Best Natural Remedies for Dogs

For milder ailments like dry skin or joint soreness after a long romp, natural remedies can be just what your dog needs to feel better. Here’s an overview of ten top home remedies to help you—and Mother Nature—heal your pup.

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1. Dog itchy skin home remedy

Dry skin can make your dog itchy and miserable, even though unlike (most of) us, they can scratch behind their ears with their feet. Persistent itching can disrupt sleep patterns (theirs and yours!) and lead to hot spots, hair loss and even sores. Fortunately, there are several home remedies for dog itching and dandruff.

If your dog loves baths, treat them to a warm soak in oatmeal water—but leave the Quaker out of it. Use colloidal (finely ground and boiled) oatmeal instead. You can buy it pre-made or grind and boil regular (not flavored!) oatmeal yourself. Oatmeal has compounds called avenanthramides and phenols which work immediately to ease inflammation and itchiness.

Draw up a warm bath, stir in the oatmeal, and try to get your dog to hang out for five to 10 minutes. If your dog is about as likely to sit quietly in an oatmeal bath as they are to do your taxes, mix the oatmeal with just a bit of water and apply it to the itchiest areas as a poultice. Let it sit for 10 minutes before washing it off. The same can be done with baking soda as a home remedy for dry skin or rash on dogs. Combine 50% baking soda with 50% water and apply the paste to the itchiest areas of your dog’s skin. Try to leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing.

Adding a fish oil supplement in capsule or liquid form to your dog’s diet can deliver a natural dog remedy for itchy skin via omega-3 fatty acids. Your vet can recommend a brand and dosage that’s best for your pup.



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