Dog Diet: Things to Know About Feeding Your Pet

dog diet

The correct diet for your dog is one of the most important factors affecting your pet’s health. Dogs don’t have a refined taste. So a dog’s owner chooses food for the pet’s individual needs. They depend on age, workload, place of residence, and season. A normal diet should include animal and plant foods, fats, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, trace elements, and mineral salts.

How to Feed Your Dog

It is not necessary to provide all vital nutrients with every meal. Balance is achieved over time, over the course of weeks, just as it does in nature. When feeding natural raw foods, it is okay to have one feeding somewhat one-sided as long as you stick to a variety in subsequent feedings.

Large dogs eat more, but the calorie content of the portion can be purposely reduced. If the dog has to work hard (e. g., hunting breeds) and if the dog is young, more food will be needed. It is easy to find out if your pet has enough food. Owners can put a rationed portion in a bowl, and then remove it after 15 minutes. The dog should always have fresh drinking water. After eating the prescribed portion, if the dog continues to bark and beg for food, the amount can be slightly increased.



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