10 Most Popular Large Cat Breeds

A common misconception with most pets is that the larger they are, the more expensive they are to care for. With domestic cat breeds, that is not the case. Some of the most popular cat breeds grow to be the largest around, making them perfect, larger than life additions to the home!

Cats are not known for being the cuddliest of animals. Many like their own space and appreciate when their boundaries are respected, but that does not mean they cannot be affectionate. Larger cats in particular are known for seeking physical attention.

If you have ever dreamt of having your very own jungle cat, then we have got the perfect list for you. These are the top ten most popular large cat breeds that we are sure you will fall in love with too.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Due to their unbelievable fluffiness, you may suspect that the Norwegian Forest Cat breed is all fur. In actuality, they are genuinely thatbig and also benefit from impressive coats. This is probably part of the reason that they feature in so much Norwegian folklore. Despite their size, they are highly capable climbers, able to scale trees without breaking a sweat.

Not only is the Norwegian Forest Cat regal in appearance, but they also have royal connections. King Olaf V of Norway officially designated them the national cat. That is a proud title to live up to, but we suspect they know their worth. Though not as popular in the states, they remain a firm favorite in Europe thanks to their history and impressive appearance.

Average weight: Between 13 – 22 pounds

Maine Coon

Considered to be the only long haired house cat native to the United States, the Maine Coon breed has quite the reputation. They make great companions due to their high social needs. They require care and attention, and they will certainly let you know about it. This is hardly a drawback though. Which house cat owner doesn’t live for the approval of their choosy, furry friend?

Their tail contributes enormously to their overall size. It is very long and very fluffy, often lofted above them as they swan through your house. Despite their considerable size, Maine Coon’s make very friendly domestic pets. They truly are gentle giants, perfect for a family home.

Don’t let your overwhelming affection for your new pet get out of hand, however. Maine Coons are prone to becoming overweight if their diet is not managed properly. Make sure to feed them a nutritionally healthy diet, or you will end up with a much rounder pet than you bargained for!

Average weight: Between 11 – 17 pounds

British Shorthair

One of the more high-maintenance domestic cat breeds on our list, the British Shorthair requires daily brushing as part of its care, particularly as the seasons change. Unlike the previous two breeds we’ve mentioned, this pet is less fluff and more muscle. This contributes to its rounder stature, with a broader chest and well-developed muzzle.

This build serves its original purpose: to keep mice and rats out of the barn and home. Its thick coat means it can survive cooler temperatures without overheating when in pursuit. The texture of this coat is more durable than other domestic cat breeds, as it is designed for protection from harm.

Don’t let their hunter-like build deter you, however. They are complete gentle giants and make friendly additions to any family. They are calm in nature yet fiercely loyal. If you choose to house a British Shorthair, you know you have a friend for life.

Average weight: Between 7 – 17 pounds

American Bobtail

Unlike the Maine Coon, the American Bobtail does not boast a long, fluffy tail. These pets earn their name due to their considerably short tail which pairs well with their tufted ears. Their appearance is reminiscent of a lynx or similar wild cat, which makes them an exotic-looking addition to the house.

In terms of personality, American Bobtails are often compared to Golden Retrievers. Depending on your preferences, you either smiled or winced after reading that. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a dog person to enjoy the care of an American Bobtail. All it means is that they are supremely friendly and love to play.

They are also a very intelligent breed. They love little more than playing with an interesting puzzle toy or being trained to perform new tricks. The latter quality alone makes them a highly unique domestic cat breed.

Average weight: 8 – 13 pounds



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