Does A Shorthair Ragdoll Cat Exist? The Curious Case Revealed

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about whether or not there’s such a thing as a shorthair Ragdoll cat, or simply a shorthair Ragdoll.

Many people have pointed out that the term shorthair Ragdoll is actually just a rebranding of the Ragdoll cat breed, but what if it isn’t?

Does the term shorthair Ragdoll refer to an actual breed? Is such a thing possible?

Here’s our attempt to shed some light on this mysterious case and tell you everything that you need to know about this topic!

What is a Ragdoll Cat?

Shorthair ragdoll cat

Ragdoll is a particular breed of domesticated cat that has a unique type of physical appearance and temperament.

It originated in the 1960s in California and was developed by American breeder Ann Baker. The Ragdoll was most likely the result of a breeding process between Birman, Angora, and Persian breeds.

They are called Ragdolls because they will literally go limp, like a rag doll, in your arms when you pick them up.

Reality About Shorthair Ragdoll Cat

The Governing Council of Cat Fancy is the UK’s predecessor organization for cat registration and its policy states that Ragdoll cats cannot have short hair.

Ragdolls are a medium and long hair breed and so there is no such thing as a Shorthair Ragdoll Cat.

If a mixed Ragdoll cat has short hair, it is because it was crossbred with a different breed of cat such as a British shorthair.

What Type of Coat Do Ragdolls Have?

Ragdolls are known for their beautiful and luxurious fur, which is a characteristic that sets them apart from other cats.

Their coat is soft and silky with an elegant texture. The coats come in various colors and patterns, with fur ranging from medium or long hair. What makes Ragdolls unique is their hair that stands up around the neck and chest in lion-like riffs.

In the table below, we summarize the common colors and patterns of traditional coats:

Colors and patterns of traditional coats

What are the Physical Characteristics of a Ragdoll Cat?

Ragdolls are a large breed of cat with strong and sturdy bodies. They have striking blue eyes and rounded-tip ears.

They have long, shiny coats that can be either straight or wavy and they are one of the most muscular breeds of cats.

The typical weight of a male is between 6 and 9 kg. On the other hand, the average weight of a female ranges between 4 and 7 kg. They grow to their full size after four years of age.



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