The Ragdoll Cat — Amazing Facts About This Popular Cat Breed

If you are looking for a fur friend who is both beautiful and easy going, the Ragdoll may be the fur baby for you. Though she may look like a big kitty, all that fluff can be deceptive.

Fact – How They Get Their Name

When you first meet your new family member and pick her up you will quickly learn the meaning behind the name, Ragdoll. Your new kitty will likely go completely limp in your arms. No need to worry, this is completely natural. Don’t let that laid back personality fool you though, Ragdolls are playful cats who need at least moderate play time exercise to keep them from falling into obesity.

Fact – They Shed A Lot

Ragdolls will need to be groomed or brushed regularly due to their long fur. Ragdolls are also known to be emotionally sensitive to their owners. Don’t be surprised when your Ragdoll cuddles up to when you’ve had a bad day. You can check with your veterinarian for recommended food, treats, and activities.

Fact – They Can Live A Long Time

Your new fur baby will be with you for a long time, Ragdolls can live up to 15 years or more, so forming healthy habits from the beginning is imperative. Ragdolls, due to their gentle nature, need to be kept indoors.

Fact – They Are One of the Largest Cat Breeds

Ragdolls tend to weigh just under twelve pounds for both male and females, though Ragdolls, like many house cats, tend toward obesity. Ragdolls are big-boned and robust cats. A male can get as large as twenty-pounds while females may reach fifteen-pounds. They each will outweigh most bowling balls.

Fact – They Are Very Playful

Despite their size and very calm demeanor, they love to play and are generally active. All a  Ragdoll needs is a loving hand and a toy mouse, or even the dreaded red dot laser toy for their happiness. They are easy to please.



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