Cosequin for Cats

Have you noticed that your cat has started moving slower than usual? Maybe your kitty cat is still completely mobile but his or her joints seem to make noise with every movement. It’s even possible that you might not notice anything at all until your cat’s veterinarian mentions joint pain during your pet’s annual check-up exam.

But if this is the case, don’t be too hard on yourself for not realizing there was a problem sooner. Cats are sneaky little creatures and they evolved as a species that hides their pain as much as possible. It can sometimes be hard to tell if a feline is hurting because they actively try to keep anyone from noticing any symptoms that might be viewed as disadvantageous. That’s why it’s so important to keep your cat up-to-date with the vet.

If you are someone who has experienced joint pain, or if you have known somebody whose joints have been inflamed, then you already know how debilitating severe joint pain can be, especially if and when it goes untreated. Joint pain often goes hand-in-hand with inflammation, and as much as we would like to avoid joint pain, it can creep up on anyone and everyone, especially as you get older.

Aging is a natural process that unfortunately brings along the possibility of quite a few painful side effects. Joint pain is one of the most commonly experienced symptoms of growing older. This goes for people as well as animals. When people start to feel joint pain, we often take action as soon as we notice that something is wrong. But when it comes to pets, they are not able to speak up and tell us what’s going on with them. Instead, we have to tune into their behavior and look for symptoms that might give us a clue as to their condition.

It can be really hard to watch your beloved cat go through something as all-encompassing as joint pain. We understand that the situation can be even more heartbreaking because cats are such active animals and joint pain hinders their playtime. But your feline friend does not have to suffer. Joint pain is a condition that is jarring and life-changing at first, but it is well-researched, and many remedies are at your disposal. One particular medication intended to treat joint pain in cats is called Cosequin.

Many pet owners ask, “Can cats take glucosamine?” In this blog post, we’re going to answer this question by giving you a general background on Cosequin, from the ingredients of the pharmaceutical drug and the potential side effects that Cosequin could cause for your cat. We will also discuss cannabidiol as an alternative method of handling joint pain for cats.

What Causes Joint Pain in Cats?



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