10 of the Smallest Dog Breeds

Let’s face it, teeny tiny dogs are just adorable. We can totally admit that when we see one of these lovely pooches in public, we squeal with excitement and just want to give them all the miniature hugs in the world! In case you need to binge on some small dog cuteness, we’ve compiled this list of some of the tiniest dog breeds out there.

Russian Toy

Average Height: 8-11 inches

Average Weight: up to 6.5 lbs

Personality: This charming breed’s ancestors date back to Russian aristocracy, and are very smart and active. They love pleasing their owner and adore a good snuggle session.

Brussels Griffon

Average Height: 7-10 inches

Average Weight: 8-10 lbs

Personality: The Brussels Griffon is a tiny pup packed with a ton of personality. They are known for being very smart, loyal and curious.

Mini Pinscher

Average Height:10-12.5 inches

Average Weight: 8-10 lbs

Personality: Packed with fearlessness and courage, this adorable breed is very proud and loves some good ole fun.

Tibetan Spaniel

Average Height: 10 inches

Average Weight: 9-15 lbs

Personality: This frisky doggo is usually very bright, playful, and develops a huge bond with their human companion.



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