The Top 10 Canines with Most Allergens

Dog lovers love their furry friends, but they don’t love the allergies that come with them. If you are prone to allergies but want a dog, it might be wise to avoid some breeds which are known to increase allergic reactions in people.

Top Dogs With Most Allergens

As much as we love our fur babies, a life of misery from allergic reactions may be too much of a burden for many. Hair, dander, and saliva from dogs can all lead to allergic reactions in people. These ten dog breeds represent the top canines that cause you to sniffle, sneeze, and all those other itchy reactions you don’t enjoy:


With their smushy faces and outgoing personalities, it’s easy to see why pugs have won over the hearts of so many owners. Unfortunately, they can generate slobber and a fair amount of hair and dander to their house, as they shed year-round.


Similar to pugs, various bulldog breeds have skin folds around the face that can trap slobber, dust, and dander. Bulldogs can also develop allergies of their own, which contributes to greater itching, chewing, and scratching, which leads to more saliva and dander around the house.

Basset Hound

Synonymous with the sounds of baying hunting dogs, these floppy-eared hounds can be great companions. They can also develop smelly ears and feet, as well as excessive saliva production. These conditions then contribute to their release of allergens into the home. A regular bathing and maintenance regimen may be in order.



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