Top Reasons Why Your Dog is Scratching and Biting Himself

Is your dog constantly scratching and biting himself, and you aren’t sure what to do? Does it seem like the dog is chewing himself raw? You’re not alone. A dog biting its legs or scratching at himself is actually a fairly common reaction to several things.

We’ll break down the top reasons why your dog is scratching and biting himself and well as some possible ways to help your dog stop.

Most Common Reasons Why My Dog Bites Himself

If your dog is biting his leg, there is usually something irritating his skin. Here are the most common reasons why your dog bites his leg:

Fleas and Parasites

Fleas, mites, and ticks will bite and irritate your dog’s skin and carry diseases. They are generally the leading cause behind chewing and biting. And depending on where you live, fleas and other parasites can be a huge problem. To identify fleas, ticks, or mites, you’ll want to comb through their fur where your dog is biting.

How to Get Rid of Fleas and Other Parasites



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