10 reasons why shelter dogs are the best

Thinking about getting a(nother) puppy? Well, why don’t you adopt a dog instead of buying one? There are so many puppies ready for adoption right now, and providing a home to one (or more) of them just might be the best move of your life?

Why? Loads of reasons! Shelter dogs can form a very special connection with their owner, and this connection will make your life so much richer. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Allow us to show you the ten main reasons why rescuing a dog will be well worth it.

You will save an animal’s life

It’s the sad truth that dogs will often meet their end in shelters if nobody chooses to adopt them. True, this much less the case now than it was a decade ago, but there are still shelters that euthanize dogs when they have no more room or when a dog becomes old and sick.

Keep that in mind when you visit dog shelters the next time. You can save any of the animals there and provide them with a loving home and a much better life.

And don’t think a rescued dog won’t appreciate what you did for him or her. There are so many stories about these pups expressing a special kind of gratitude to their new owner. As we said, a special connection is formed here.

Regardless of the dog’s age, they will find a way to show you how much the thing you did means to them. The feeling is actually quite indescribable.

You can fall in love at first sight

When you decide to visit a dog shelter, you may want to have some toys with you. This will help the pups there relax around you and eventually engage you in play. Make your future pets love you more gradually, and while we’re at it, you may also consider donating something the shelter needs. Just a thought.

Anyway, when you come to the shelter, you will see many different dog breeds and animals with so many different stories, many of which will remain unknown forever. But there is a chance you will find a pup there that just wins you over immediately.

Maybe they’re super-cute, maybe they’re beautiful, maybe they’re crazy in a good way and full of energy, or maybe they’re looking for someone who will finally show them what being loved means.

You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to fall in love with a shelter dog. All it takes is literally a moment to connect with them.

dog shelter

You can choose a dog of any age and any breed

Another great advantage of adopting a dog from a shelter is the fact that you will have many choices. There will most likely be dogs of numerous different breeds and ages you can choose from, so you can quite easily find the dog that suits you best.

You’re not always stuck with several pups of the same breed.

Quite the contrary, getting an older dog, for example, may provide you with a loyal companion who maybe doesn’t need to be watched over that much and is much calmer around the house.

Furthermore, being able to choose between several different breeds may help you find the dog with the right character for you. Maybe you’d prefer a cute Corgi or a laid-back Daschund, but in any case, choosing between several different breeds allows you to find a great fit.

Take your time and choose wisely. Get it right, and you might walk away with a dog that will complete you.

Dogs from the shelter could already be trained

Some of the shelters will invest extra time and effort to train the dogs that are in their care because they know this will make the pups so much more adoptable. There may also be dogs there that have been trained by their previous owners.

So, with a bit of luck, you may get a dog who is perfectly well-behaved, and having such a dog around is always a pleasure, especially if a professional was in charge of their training. As you can see, going back home with a dog from a shelter doesn’t need to be a source of stress and anxiety. Instead, it can be a walk in the park.

Therefore, if for some reason, you don’t think you could handle raising a puppy, there’s a good chance you can rescue a dog who already knows what’s acceptable and what shouldn’t be done. An animal like that will fit in perfectly with just about any family.



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