Why Should You Have Pet Portraits Of Your Beloved Dog At Home?

The main reason to have a portrait of your dog is to show your love and pay tribute to your furry buddy. Dogs always hold a special place in the life of dog owners especially when they are no longer with them. Having a pet portrait is the best way to keep the memories of your pet alive. In this article, we have discussed 4 main reasons why a dog owner should have a portrait of his dog!

Immortalizing or Memorializing Your Dog

The most obvious reason for a painting is celebrating and commemorating your pet. You would like to be regularly reminded of your canine friend, especially when they are no longer with you. You will have something to look at because they still hold a special place in your life.

In the old days, portrait paintings denoted fame and the afterlife. It was common for the rich in the society to commission paintings of themselves. They sometimes had paintings of themselves with their pets, which helped them capture their essence even when they were gone.

This is why even today pet owners do the same even though there are selfies and digital photography. Artists who have specialized in pet portraiture have found it to be very lucrative. Pet portraits are seen as being more valuable than digital photographs because paintings last a lifetime while photos are “instant”.



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