Pet Insurance from Pot Bellied Pigs to Parakeets

No matter what kind of pet you love having around, a good insurance plan will bring additional peace of mind.

Why there’s a general need for pet insurance

Pet insurance protects you against unexpected costs related to your beloved pet, with the most common one being vet bills. It can also cover dental costs for your pet, As well as these costs it can also cover you against a third-party liability – e.g. where your pet may have caused harm to another person or property.

Comprehensive pet insurance plans can cover treatment for more serious health conditions and behavioural problems. They may also cover loss of your pet by illness or injury, as well as theft. There are some plans that even cover cattery and kennel fees – when your dog must stay at the hospital for 4 days or more – and any emergency treatment needed while travelling abroad.

Many owners argue that they don’t need pet insurance and write it off as an ‘extra expense’. However, ask yourself this: “How would I deal with a pet bill should it ever come unexpectedly?”

Pet costs, depending on the treatment and where you are in the UK, can run between hundreds and even thousands of pounds.



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