4 Things All Dog Mom’s Need To Know Before Having A Baby

dog and baby

Are you a #dogmom turned human mom? If so, you know how crazy life gets once your little one arrives. Early mornings and up-all-nighters can disrupt anyone’s routine – even your dogs. If you aren’t quite there yet, don’t fret!

Life for you, and your fury family members, will be changing soon and many things will need to be addressed. But that doesn’t mean this transition will be bumpy – with these tips (and a whole lotta patience) you will all be comfortable in no time.

Here are 4 things to do (or think about) before bringing home your new baby to meet your dogs.

1. Where will the dog, and baby, be sleeping? If your dogs sleep in the same room as you, you might want to introduce them to another cozy area for them to snooze in your home. When you first bring your newborn home, they will be waking frequently and making lots of (loud) noises your dogs may be uncomfortable with. Try setting up your dogs bed in the living room, or outside your door, so they have a comfortable place to go to relax if needed.

Insider tip: My dogs got used to the late night/early morning wakings within a few weeks. Some take longer than others, but just let them know that everything is okay and don’t force them away if they want to “help.”



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