How to Grow your Dogs Instagram – Must Have Photography Tips

Hey dog lovers! Are you ready to document your pups daily lives with the trendiest new photo filters and edits?

You’re in luck because we are back again with the second post in our Grow Your Dog’s Instagram Series. In this post we will go over all things photography! So, if you’re ready to step up your amateur photography status – keep reading!

And if you missed the first post in this series, “how to start your dogs IG account, don’t worry, just catch up by clicking here!

When it comes to Instagram photography, there are three main topics:

How To Edit

How To Take IG Worthy Photos &

How To Find Cute Backgrounds

Of course, all of these styles, filters, and settings will be based on how most people prefer their images to look. But edit however you feel comfortable! With just a few tweaks you can make these settings fit your aesthetic, too.

Topic 1: 

How To Edit

Like I just mentioned, there are so many different ways to edit photos and everyone will have different preferences. So to start off I figured I’d share some of the most popular photo editing apps that allow you to truly play around with your creativity.

Some of our favorites are:



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