Horse Care in Winter – 4 Best and Easy to Use Supplements

With the wintery weather almost upon us, we must consider several important factors for preparing and maintaining horse care in winter, especially our older ones. Horses, like people, can generally be faced with more challenges during the colder weather as they age. Hence why staying one stride ahead of the winter is important for their general wellbeing.

GlobalVite is my favourite because it contains a very high-quality source of those missing link minerals like zinc that are so essential to horses and humans alike.

Maintaining a strong immune system and hormonal balance

Zinc is an essential mineral for ensuring a strong immune system. GlobalVite contains an amazing type of complexed and chelated zinc.  Chelated just means ‘bound to’ and the zinc is bound to a whole range of amino acids which aids the absorption.

Vitamin C is found in the herbal form in our ImmuPlus in the form of Amla berries from India.  In turn, ImmuPlus makes up half of our successful CushPro formula for all those horses that have winter problems with their sensitive laminae and hormonal balance.  CushPro makes a massive difference to horse care in winter, especially if your horse really needs more support during this season.  The other half of the formula is Agnus Castus for the right hormonal balance.

Stress on mobility

Moving on to joints we are really excited to tell everyone about our HOCKS formula.  Winter can put extra stress on the joints and it may well be that your horse’s winter stiffness originates in the hind legs and hock joints.  The easy way to see this is to hold up and flex the back leg for a minute while someone holds the head.

When the person holding the head trots your horse off you can easily see whether he is comfortable or not on the leg that you flexed.  HOCKS can completely deal with such uncomfortable joints by helping with the density of the bones and your horse’s natural joint lubrication system. HOCKS is the only supplement I know of that can completely deal with such situations in the hind legs.



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