How to Grow your Dogs Instagram- Engagement Tips

Hey hey dog lovers! We are back with the 3rd post in our Grow Your Dog’s Instagram Series. This post features the basic tips and tricks on engagement and growth within the Instagram community and exactly how to grow your accounts organically. If you want to keep learning about growing your dog’s Instagram account, keep reading!

How To Gain Followers 

Social media is a place where most of us go for fun, wholesome content to make us smile or catch up with friends. It is also a place to grow, develop businesses, or become “Instagram famous” and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t dream of having tens of thousands of followers – just like most of you I’m sure. So if you want to be successful on Instagram, you need to gain reliable followers. The 6 main tips to gaining these followers are:

Post consistently – whether that’s every day at the same time or every other day – try to make it routine so your followers know when to expect you.

Utilize IG stories – Stories are still on the up and up, so don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera and share you and your pups daily lives, your favorite toys, when you go on walks or adventures, etc.

Use hashtags – Hashtags are Instagram’s way of connecting like minded individuals. When searching for hashtags, you can find tons of posts and inspiration from people just like you! (we will cover more on hashtags below)

Engage With Your Followers: The main point of Instagram is to be social – so don’t skip out on it! Comment and like the pictures of people who comment and like yours, search hashtags and choose a few people to interact with, and scroll your feed to connect with people YOU follow, too.

Tag Companies/ Brands In Your Photos – If you’re posing with a Patchwork Pet toy or eating a cake from Bobby & Bambi Bakery, be sure to tag them in your photo so you could potentially be reposted onto their feed! More exposure from popular IG accounts means more love on yours!



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