4 fun dog-friendly winter activities to try with your dog in snow

If you’re like us Tractive folk, you’re no stranger to snow. Lots and lots of snow. And with winter approaching and temperatures getting colder –  especially if you’ve been affected by recent coronavirus lockdowns – you may be tempted to stay inside and be a couch potato with your furry friend(s). But nature is calling, and you and your dog will need to use up your energy somewhere. Long periods indoors with little physical exercise or fresh air could be harmful to both your and your dog’s well-being. So, what fun things can you do with your dog in snow? Read on to find out!

Before you go outside…

Not so fast! Before you take your dog in snow for some winter fun, consider the following:

  • Not all dog breeds can handle winter cold and snow. Find out if your dog is one of these snow-loving dogs.
  • If you’re unsure about your dog’s fitness level, you should ask your vet for advice.
  • Make sure your dog is adequately protected from the elements and stays warm. Consider a winter dog jacket.
  • Don’t stay out for too long if it’s freezing outside. Find out which temperatures are too cold for dogs.
  • Take care of the paws! Exposure to winter’s dry, cold air, chilly rain and snow can cause chapped paws and itchy skin.
  • Keep nails cut short and the fur between the toes trimmed.
  • Consider a pair of dog booties to protect your buddy’s paws.
  • Always bring doggie bags, foldable water bowls and treats. Just like you, your dog needs a little fuel during the day to keep their energy levels up.
  • If you’re going on a long walk, a first aid kit and extra supplies are a good idea. It never hurts to be prepared!
  • Track both your dog’s location and physical activity with the a GPS tracker & activity monitor for dogs.

1. Go skijoring or sledding.

If you love to ski and your dog loves to run, skijoring may be the perfect winter activity for both of you! All you need is you, your dog, and a pair of skis. Skijoring is cross-country skiing with a little help from your furry friend — you’re on the skis, and your dog runs out in front of you with a long line that connects you to their harness. It may sound difficult, but the pulling part actually comes naturally to many dogs. You might be surprised how much fun it is.

If you try out skijoring with your dog in snow, make sure that you dog knows the commands for turning and stopping.

So, what are you waiting for? If it’s possible, grab your skis and head out for a winter holiday with your furry best friend.



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