The Ultimate Guide for Throwing Your Dog a Birthday Party

All the best parties serve great food. And a birthday party for your dog is no exception. Here are a few suggestions to elevate your dog’s birthday party.

A Birthday Cake is always fun.

It’s not a birthday party without a delicious dog birthday cake for him/her. You can either choose to bake the birthday cake for your dog or pick one up from a bakery known to make pet treats.

If you’re thinking of baking a cake yourself, there are plenty of online recipes you can follow. Here’s a great one to check out.

Dogs love a variety of different dog treats.

In addition to baking a cake for your dog, you should have extra treats around for your dog and other dogs in attendance. Not all dogs have the same taste in treats, so get a couple different treats for variety or dietary needs. Try to stock up on quick treats that are smaller in size and save the more ‘rewarding’ treats, such as chewy bones, as a departing goodie bag item.

Treats are great but also let your guests know to use them sparingly with their dogs. It’s an easy way for dogs to get territorial and aggressive if they see other dogs snagging lots of treats they’d like. If any of the pups get too anxious, consider giving them a CBD treat, with their owner’s permission, of course!



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