10 Remedies for a Dog’s Upset Stomach

Are you the parent of a furry four-legged friend with tummy troubles? If so, you’re not alone! An upset stomach can be a common issue for many dogs, and thankfully there are plenty of treatments that may help provide relief.

This article will give an in-depth look at ten remedies for your dog’s upset stomach, including natural alternatives and store-bought solutions. With any luck, by the end of it, you’ll have more knowledge of how to tackle these issues quickly and effectively. So if your pup is feeling under the weather from a bad bellyache, read on to find out how to give them much-needed relief soon.

What Causes Stomach Upset in Dogs?

Before we dive into ten remedies for a dog’s upset stomach, it’s important to understand what might be causing that tummy trouble in the first place. Some of the most common triggers include:

  • Parasites like roundworms or tapeworms. A dog’s upset stomach may be attributed to various parasites like hookworm, tapeworm, roundworm, giardia, coccidia, whipworm, and more. Among the most common on this list is giardia, while coccidia is relatively rare. These microscopic organisms can cause a range of issues for your pet, from mild irritation to serious illness if left untreated. To ensure their health and well-being, it is important to identify and address any parasitic infections.
  • Dietary indiscretion. Eating something they shouldn’t have is a common cause of canine upset stomachs. Whether it’s an old shoe or some leftovers from the kitchen counter, dogs can be quite indiscriminate in what they decide to ingest! If your pet has been known to eat things that aren’t fit for consumption, then their turmoil may be related to dietary indiscretion.
  • Food allergies. Food allergies are a big issue for some dogs and can manifest in various ways – including an upset stomach. If your pup is allergic to certain ingredients, switching their food or diet may be necessary to address the issue.
  • Stress. Stress can be a major factor in causing an upset stomach, especially if your pup has already been exposed to changes in its routine or environment. Try to keep them comfortable and well taken care of while they adjust to any new circumstances. Anxiety can also cause a different behavior in your dog.

Now that we know some potential culprits, let’s look at ten remedies you can try to help your pup feel better.


Vet Visit

If your pup’s symptoms are severe or persist for more than 24 hours, it’s best to schedule a vet visit. Doctors can help identify the cause of the upset stomach and prescribe medications if needed.



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