15 Hilarious Jokes About Dogs & Cats to Celebrate April Fools Day

Let’s be honest: dogs and cats are undeniably funny creatures. From how they jump around to how they curl up in their beds and chase around any small object they set their sights on, there’s something extraordinary about our furry pals that always puts a smile on our faces. With the amount our pets make us smile, it’s no wonder that many pet owners want to be able to do the same for their furry friends.

But what about our pets and their sense of humor? Do dogs and cats process humor differently than humans, or at all? This question comes to mind for every pet parent at some point, especially given the immense joy and happiness pets bring to our lives.

To help you find the humor in your pets and to celebrate April Fool’s Day, we’ve collected 15 of our favorite dog and cat jokes to tickle your fancy on this special occasion. Additionally, we’ll help you understand the ins and outs of your pet’s humor to bond with your furry friend on the silliest day of the year.

1. What Did the Cat Say After he Ate the Canary?

Yuck! That’s the last time I order the Tweet and Sour!

2. What Did the Dog Say When he Saw a Clay Pot?

Oh, look, a fancy terrier-acotta warrior!

3. What Do Cats Like to Eat for Breakfast?

Some delicious Mice Krispies!

4. What Did the Cat Say When he Didn’t Want to Share His Toy?

It’s mine, fur-ever and ever!

5. What Did the Dog Say When he Saw a Cat Running Away?

I’m gonna bark up the wrong tree today!

6. What Did the Dog Say When He Didn’t Want to Go for a Walk?

It’s raining cats and dogs out there, so I’m staying in!



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