2021 Birthday Gift Guide for Cat Lovers

2021 Birthday Gift Guide for Cat Lovers

Start someone’s born day with the best birthday gifts for cat lovers! Whether it’s for you, a friend, or a work colleague that cannot stop speaking about all 12 cats at home, don’t worry, our list of ideas are simply too purrfect for any occasion, but also specifically for birthday gifts for cat lovers.

According to cat lover sources, what has made this list so appealing is that the observed receivers of these items look like the cat that got the cream, especially after unwrapping these moments in time. So we thought to steal the ideas and create a very distinctive and exceptional list of birthday gifts for cat lovers. And who knows, you could slip in an item or two for you and Mr. Puffin because as we know, cats love birthday presents just as much as their hooman servants!

Tips and Tricks to Buy Purposefully for the Ideal Occasion

We know it’s never as satisfying shopping for someone else other than yourself or your cat, especially if you have no idea what to get! But now imagine making someone’s birthday so special that it brought you joy. Or that you bought their cat something that they play with rather than just giving you the evil eye whilst casually continuing with their cleaning ritual. If you want to win someone overuse these tips:

1 – Find out when their birthdays are and diarize it

2 – Find out how many pets they own and if they are pet lovers (who isn’t)

3 – If you are ordering online, order extra’s to fill those occasions that simply slip your mind!

4 – Always think of what they might like and stick with what reminds you of them.

Now time to shop for those incredible birthday gifts for cat lovers!

1. Custom Woof Blanket



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