What’s With Cats and Cucumbers?: Revealing the Science behind Why They Lose Their Minds After Seeing a Cucumber

Let’s face it, many of us hate salad. Thankfully though, we have better ways of showing our disgust for it than the way felines do; by literally flying miles into the air to get away from it. Ithe past couple of years, we have noticed a spate of internet videos with cats and cucumbers where upon coming in close contact with them, they would lose their mindIt even became a trend, spawning its own dedicated subReddit known as the CucumbersScaringCats where all cat owners posted videos of their cats being scared of cucumbers 

All these videos start in the same manner; a cat peacefully eating its food from the bowl, a human hand sneaking up behind them and calmly placing a cucumber slab behind them. Then begins the wait for the cat to notice the unfamiliar object! As soon as it turns around and spots it, it jumps as high in the air as it can, hitting a few shelves, walls or doors during the flight, breaking a few things, tossing over the food bowl, and ending with them making a run for their lives, trying to get as far as it can from it.  

These cats and cucumber videos on social media platforms revealed very important but strange information about our feline friends. It isn’t disgusting that they show by seeing cucumber behind them, it is utter terror.  

At first, experts found it oddly unsatisfactory. Why would catswhich are known to climb everything from walls to tall bookshelves and explore the darkest of alleys without any fear, be afraid of something as lifeless as cucumbers? After some behavioral research into the matter, they finally revealed the two possible reasons why they act the way they do. After you are done reading, the videos may not seem as funny as they do now, so buckle up! 

What Science Has To Say About It? 

Pam Johnson-Bennett, the author of the book titled “Think Like a Cat” believes that the reason why they lose with minds over cucumber is because they associate those close areas with securityAnything that creeps up too close confuses the cat, and jumping and running away from it seems like natural response.  



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