Healthy Dog Treats: What Every Dog Owner Need to Know

You want your doggo to live as long as possible. They rely on you to provide top-notch treats and care. So why not feed them healthy dog treats that promote skin, teeth, coat, joints, heart and body health?

Doggo’s have a difficult time telling us what they need, from tail-wagging in their sleep to barking at the wall, they’re always all out of sorts. It can be difficult to distinguish what makes a treat healthy or harmful, so it’s important to look at a few key things.

This article will go over these things to help you feel confident in the quality of your dog’s diet. Once you’re in the know, you’ll never look at dog treat packaging and ingredients the same!

The ingredients and how they’re made, of course! Focus on providing treats that are grain-free and have no preservatives, additives, or salt, so that your doggo receives the healthiest treats available. There’s no secret that doggo’s love wholesome chewing treats.

Go with What You Know!

Always look for treats that have ingredients that you’re familiar with–whitefish, kangaroo, chicken feet, shark cartilage, dried pilchards, seaweed & mint, among many others–so that you’re confident that your pooch is ingesting healthful food.

When reading over what’s in your dog’s treats, you may see ingredients and additives that you’ve never heard of before. Dog treats are chock-full of these odd ingredients. If you don’t know what it is–don’t give it your dog. Treat your pup right. Leave uncertainty out of your dog’s nutrition and find wholesome ingredients that your pup will be grateful for.

Healthy Dog Treats Need:

      • All-natural flavour
      • To be grain-free
      • Variety (teeth, gut, mental health, coat, and bones)
      • Great shapes for plaque & play
      • Limited & Local ingredients
      • Reliable brand names
      • Tail-wag of approval

Why Should a Dog Owner Invest in Healthier Treats?

Better Treats = A Better, Longer Life for Your Dog

It’s worthwhile to have healthier treats because they will prolong and enhance your pups life. Healthy treats also help with pawsitive reinforcement for doggo behaviours that can be destructive. Bite-sized treats prevent your dog from overeating, becoming overweight, or getting sick from a surplus of food. And preventing obesity is one of the best ways to lengthen your dog’s life and improve its quality [1].

Healthy Treats = A Healthy Mouth & Better Breath

Dental treats fight tartar and remove plaque from your doggo’s teeth to provide them with fresh breath and premium dental health. Dog’s can get dental diseases, too, and with your help, your dog can avoid bacteria entering their bloodstream and making them sick [2].

If you give your doggo dental treats daily, you can help reduce their plaque by up to 80%! Brushing your dog’s teeth isn’t easy, that’s why we have treats that are specially formulated to get at bacteria, while your doggo enjoys chewing on a delicious bone. They won’t know what snuck into their bowl at snack time.



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