Natural Joint Supplements For Dogs

Much like in humans, the joints of our canine companions can wear down over time. In most cases, that results in issues like arthritis in older pets. However, even younger dogs can have joint issues from time to time.

From medications to surgeries, there are many options out there that can help with treating arthritis pain. However, these options can also be costly and prone to causing unwanted side effects. Because of that, it’s also worth learning about the natural joint supplement options out there.

What Is Arthritis In Dogs?

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In other instances, certain breeds are naturally genetically predisposed to higher chances of developing health conditions that may lead to osteoarthritis, like what can result from hip dysplasia, or previous injuries or infections. Because of these different causes, it’s a good idea to get to the source of your dog’s issues before giving them any kind of medication or supplement. Arthritis is an issue that can result from a variety of joint-related problems. In some cases, this might just refer to the pain that results from joint cartilage wearing down as your dog gets older

If you provide a supplement without knowing what is causing your dog’s pain, then you may help to ease the symptoms but the cause won’t be addressed. In some cases, that can mean that the cause of the issue continues to worsen until the arthritis supplements aren’t providing enough help anymore.

How Does Dog Arthritis Develop?

Arthritis may occur due to physical factors, such as weight, or from brittle and weak bones to bad falls and bone injuries which may lead to inflammation. This particular inflammation may come from a kind of protein that is being produced in the body, commonly known as chondroitin. These proteins connect themselves to your dog’s joints and cause them to create higher amounts of protein than normal. As a result, inflammation develops in that joint.

Inflammation is the source of many illnesses and conditions, so it can be a good idea to keep it in check. However, many medications that are designed for anti-inflammatory purposes can have other negative effects on important organs like the kidneys and liver.

Because of that, a natural supplement can be the most likely to help without causing other setbacks to your dog’s health. However, understanding the cause of the arthritis is important before you take that step. Some arthritis causes are in need of more serious forms of intervention to provide a cure.

Dog Arthritis Symptoms

You’ll find a variety of symptoms are connected to arthritis. Largely, you will likely notice that certain kinds of movement, or moving too quickly, have become more painful to your pet.

The following are some symptoms worth watching out for in your dog, as they may represent arthritis:

Problems Moving

This is one of the most obvious signs you’re likely to notice in your dog. It’s hard not to when your pup who used to love running, jumping, and playing is now moving a bit more slowly and seems hesitant to engage in physical activities he once greatly enjoyed.

You may notice more hesitation when it comes to jumping into the car, walking upstairs, running, or playing. Your pet may take longer to get up when they have been laying down, or seem less interested in that game of fetch. Often, it’s not that they no longer want to do those things but that the discomfort is too great.


In addition to being less willing to get moving, your dog may also tire out more quickly. You might notice that they are napping more throughout the day, or at the very least laying down. Walks may also get shorter, as they aren’t as interested in pushing it to the limits.

As you can imagine, life can definitely become less enjoyable when you can’t move around very easily. This is worth keeping in mind as you consider taking them to a vet to find out what is going on. Often, something as simple as a good supplement can really improve their lives.



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