3 Crucial Pet Safety Tips

It’s not fun to imagine, but our beloved furry friends can get into trouble. Although we might think our homes are pet-proofed, many every day things that are normal to us humans can be detrimental to our pet’s safety and health. Don’t fret, we’ve put together three crucial tips to make sure your loyal companion stays safe and sound.

1) Keep poisonous foods out of your doggo’s reach

Only some human foods get the thumbs up for dogs. Even yummy snacks that might seem healthy can hurt them in the long-run. Keep foods like chocolate, avocados, grapes and macadamia nuts far away from your curious pooch. You
can find a more extensive list of no-no foods here.

2) Make sure your floral décor isn’t actually a disaster waiting to happen

Plants can elevate
the décor in any home, but they can also be dangerous for your hungry cats and
dogs. According to the ASPCA, flowers such as Lilies and Azaleas can cause
extreme health issues for pets, and in the worst-case, death. Before
you decorate with this season’s latest bloom, make sure your furry friends can enjoy
them too. In addition, you can find a longer list of harmful plants here.

3) Beat the heat



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