3 fun ways to exercise your dog

Walks are a part of any dog owner’s daily routine. It’s important for your pooch to get regular exercise for their general well-being, but also because they love to be active!

Daily walks aside, sometimes it can be fun to try something different. Here are 3 fun activities to try with your dog.

1. Dog yoga


  • Dog Yoga gives you the chance to bond with your pooch, while also providing an opportunity for socialising with the dogs in your class.
  • Yoga is a great way to practice focus and mindfulness; dog yoga can help alleviate stress and anxiety (in you and your pooch!).


Yes, you read it right. Dog yoga, or ‘Doga’, is still a relatively new concept, but the exercise can have health benefits for you and your pooch while being a fun bonding activity.

If you’ve never tried yoga before but been interested, Dog Yoga could be a fun way to give it a go. While your pooch will probably be better at ‘downwards facing dog’ than you, generally, the class doesn’t use human yoga moves on dogs. They’re incorporated into human yoga positions, which involves focused, deep breathing and has a relaxing, soothing effect on your pooch’s central nervous system.

2. Dog swimming class


  • Contribute to muscle strength & maintenance
  • Increase the range of motion in the joints
  • Improve circulation and cardiovascular fitness



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