3 Problem Horse Skin Conditions | Excellent Ways to Support Your Horse

Everyone loves their horse to gleam with rich coat colour and a natural shine.  Specific horse skin conditions can thwart the plans you have for a wonderful season.  There are however many powerful easy solutions for you.

Does your horse lack that perfect deep rich colourPoor coat colour is one of the horse skin conditions that are easy to fix. If you are frustrated, there are many ways of quickly making a big difference from adding that vital mixing mineral and vitamins link in the feed to adding a magic digestive supplement which helps to properly digest food and absorb.

Cushing’s (Horse Skin Conditions)

Another skin condition we see with our horses is the patchy,  shaggy, curly coat that refuses to shed when winter is over.  This can make us worry a little about one horse skin condition called ‘Cushings’.  Cushing’s is a hormonal problem that weakens the immune system and shows up making your horse’s coat really rough.  Laminitis is also a big concern with Cushing’s.



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