3 Ways To Capture The Perfect Photo Of Your Dog

Taking great photos of your dog can be both tricky and frustrating. You’ve finally got them smiling at the camera and the next thing you know they are off chasing a squirrel and you’re left with a blurry picture of their butt (but you won’t delete it, will you?)

We’ve all been there and luckily for me I’ve learned 3 sure-fire tactics to help capture that perfect photo each time.

With these tips, you’ll be photographing your dog like a pro in no time!

3 ways to capture better photos of your dog

1. All hands on deck! Get as many people behind the camera as you can (people who your dog is comfortable with, of course) and have them call out their name, hold their favorite toy, etc. to get their attention facing the camera.

2. If it’s just you or you + a few others, it’s ALWAYS handy to have a few treats both for gaining your dogs attention and rewarding them after their model session is over. Instead of holding on to the treats, try throwing a few in the air to get some gorgeous action shots of your pup!

3. Does your dog turn into a mannequin when the camera comes out? If you’re dying to capture your dogs heartwarming smile, take them out to play or on a walk to loosen up and show off their pearly whites.

How does your dog handle photos? Are they a natural or a bit whacky in front of the camera? Either way, I know you love them and will get the best pictures that showcase their true personalities 🙂



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