5 Fun, Interactive Games to Play at Home with your Cat

One of the worst enemies our world has encountered is COVID-19, pushing us to be distant with others, bound to rules, and stay at home for our safety. Meanwhile, our fur babies remain clueless of what is happening right now but they do notice that their hooman companions are mostly at home today.

As parents to cats, why not take this moment to spend time with them? Deepen your bond with your fur babies, encourage them to exercise, have fun and uplift their mood and yours through any of the fun, interactive games we have listed below!

Remember to pick a time when they are mostly active and not during their resting time –unless you desire to unleash their godly claws wrath upon you.

1. Stalk and Capture

Have your cat exercise his/her hunting skills with this game.What you will need is a scrap paper or paper bag, because cat’s love the sound of crumpled paper, and a string.

Crush the paper into a ball and tie one end of a long string or thin yarn to it. The next thing you need to do is move all of the things that might fall and hinder your cat as he/she chases its “prey.”

Once everything is ready, throw the ball of paper next to your fur baby and slowly pull the tie across the floor. If you want to make it more exciting, you can hide behind a couch, door and then pull the string towards your location. Toss the paper and tug it again so your cat’s attention is on its target and they can capture it.

2. Catch a Cat-fish

Fish for your cat in this game!

First tie a piece of string around a toy wand or stick. Secondly, fasten 2-3 feathers or a small bell at the end of the string which will be the bait for your cat-fish. Lastly, clear a space for you and your cat to play.

Wave and move the wand in an upward and downward position above your fur baby’s head as if you are casting a spell to them. Entice your cat-fish further through moving it away from his/her view.

3. Ball Game

Most cats find balls entertaining as they can easily maneuver it with their front paws. Moreover, anything that imitates a moving prey catches a cat’s attention. A light ping pong ball, stress ball, and small toy balls are perfect for this game. If you do not have any of those, you can make one by crumpling a piece of paper into a ball or cutting strips of toilet paper roll and assembling it(found online).

Toss the ball near your cat, making sure it bounces a bit. Be patient as it might take a few attempts before they start playing ,since not all cats are used to having someone move the toy ball for them.



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