5 Signs Your Cat Trusts You & How to Build That Trust

Could it be that a cat’s actions are the window to their soul? Just like their human counterparts, cats show trust based on their actions. If they’re pawing you to get away from them, the human-cat trust bond is not well-developed yet. Building a bond with your cat can take time and patience.

Identifying your cat’s pawsitive behaviors will show you whether you need to cultivate a stronger cat-human bond.

How Trust Affects the Cat-Human-Bond

When your cat trusts you, it’s a sign that you have a strong bond. The stronger the bond you have with your cat, the more mutual benefits you receive, including:

  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • Diminished feelings of loneliness
  • Improved cardiovascular health

Signs Your Cat Trusts You

A cat snuggled into its owner's arms, looking trustingly and relaxed

So, how can you tell your cat trusts you? There are varying degrees of trust, so you may notice your cat expressing some or all of these. If your cat is new to your home, they may not show any of these signs, yet, but be patient. Trust takes time to build.

1. Vocalizations/Bunting

Cats can show affection by bunting. When they rub their scent glands against your ankles and hands, it’s a surefire way to indicate that they like you. Purring and other vocalizations also show that they trust you and your presence. Cats vocalize to communicate with you. Listening to your cat allows you to distinguish what they need.

Cats save their standoff-ish and reserved behavior for guests. Holding out a hand shows that they can get your scent, without the interference of touching. As they get adjusted to a new presence, they’ll start to bunt and vocalize their feelings of contentment. Evasive behavior and hiding indicate that they need more time. Treats/toys/catnip will help cats become comfortable.



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