5 Tips to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

fluffly cat

Many cat owners don’t take into account that their cat has started to gain weight. They need to understand that feline obesity isn’t funny but concerning as it could lead to multiple health conditions which may shorten your pet’s life span.   

Did you know that if your cat gains 1 extra kg of weight, it is equivalent to you gaining 15 kg of weight?  

So now that you understand how important it is to keep your cat’s weight under control, here are some smart ways to help it shed some to lead a healthier and longer life along your side 

1. Reduce Daily Calorie Intake: 

Many vets present the following formula to cat owners when they come for weight loss advice.   

(Cat’s weight in kg x 30) + 70 = Answer x 0.8 = number of calories per day.  

So, if your cat currently weighs 5kgs, the equation will become: 

(5 x 30) + 70 = 220 x 0.8 = 176 

This is the maximum level of calories your cat must intake. Feed it less than that amount if you want it to lose weight. If you feed more it more, it is bound to gain weight.

2. Substitute Dry food: 

Most of the dry food brands are full of calories that could rack up to 400 cals per bowl. You can’t let your cat take in that many calories in a single serving when it is putting on weight. Try substituting dry food for canned food as they are about 80% water and protein-rich which is what your cat needs right now.

3 .Encourage Hunting Games 

Like other animals, cats too love hunting games. When weight loss is concernyou can always incorporate a little play in two ways. You can either scatter the dry food on the floor so that your cat has to move from one place to another in order to get it or hide it in different places for them to find it on their own. Both of these ways will allow your cat to get some physical exercise 3-4 times a day rather than just lying in one corner of the house.



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