5 Tips to Take the Best Picture of Your Pet

5 Tips to Take the Best Picture of Your Pet

Just as we capture our friends and family in photographs, it is important to capture the very essence of your furry friend. These are moments that are forever held dear, a moment in time that we can reflect upon and always return to when we want to relive a feeling. This is a special time, a time that lasts forever, and as such the moment needs to be perfect. Turn your pet into a masterpiece by following these 5 tips to take the best picture of your pet.

1 – Lighting Is Key

Whether it be night or day, the key trick to taking a perfect picture of your pet is lighting. This tip is directly from the masters of pet art, Woof Blankets. The team of professional artists have advised that to feature your pet in a portrait of your own, you should set the environment to warm tones of light so that the image that you capture is visible and flawless.

2 – Trick or Treat

Give your pets a treat to settle them or trick them and capture a priceless expression. This can be achieved by pretending to throw a ball or a toy to your pet, perhaps using a laser to capture your cat’s menacing claws, or getting a friend to hide behind a blanket and disappearing around the corner. Naturally, your pet would probably prefer the treat!

3 – Surroundings

Choose a pretty place to forever hold your pet to that moment in time. Surroundings are important as this is what your pet will be featured in. Parks are ideal for dogs and a cat’s beauty can be enhanced by using a fluffy carpet or blanket. Make sure that the surrounding you choose suits your animal and makes them happy as this is the expression you are aiming to capture.



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