7 Common Dog Behavior Issues and Solutions

Depending on how your pup is trained, their genetics, or even their environment, it is not unusual for dogs to develop behavioral issues. Dog behavioral issues are common and may range from inconvenient to dangerous. If your fur buddy has developed an unwanted habit, there are simple solutions that can help you resolve the bad habit.

Here are the most common dog behavior issues and how to solve them.

Excessive Barking

All dogs bark and some breeds like Huskies tend to be more vocal than others. However, excessive barking can become a nuisance for you and other people. In most cases, dogs vocalize to alert you, get your attention, or due to anxiety. However, in some cases, your pup may develop a habit of barking when they are bored or simply want attention.

How to fix

The first step to curbing excessive barking is understanding why your dog is barking. Do they bark when left alone, when around other dogs, or when you are not paying attention to them? Once you understand why you can then use the appropriate method to solve the problem

  • If your dog is simply barking for attention, ignore them until they are quiet. Do not engage the dog while it is barking as this will only reinforce the behavior
  • Teach your dog the quiet command and reward them when they successfully obey the command
  • If your dog barks when overexcited or around other dogs, remove them from the situation until they quiet down.

Hyperactivity and Unruliness

While most dogs love to run around and play, some dogs become hyperactive and unruly making them hard to manage. If your dog tends to be hyperactive, it is mostly because they are looking for mental and physical stimulation. Dogs may also become unruly when they are not properly trained.

How to fix

  • Depending on their breed, age and size, dogs have different exercise requirements. Always ensure that your dog gets the appropriate amount of daily exercise.
  • Including too much sugar in your dog’s diet especially from sugary human snacks can cause hyperactivity. Avoid sharing table scraps with your pup and ensure their diet contains healthy nutrient-rich foods.
  • Get doggie toys. Boredom and lack of mental stimulation can lead to unruly behavior so toys and playtime are a good distraction.
  • Obedience training. Training your dog to obey commands like sit and stop will help to curb unruly behavior. Patience and consistency in training are the best way to get your pup to respond to commands. You can also engage a professional trainer to help with obedience training.



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