7 Foods Cats Can’t Eat That Will Surprise You

While you may love sharing a snack with your cat, it is critical to understand what cats can eat and not eat. Although several foods seem harmless, consuming too much of them can cause severe health issues in felines.

Learn more about what cats can’t eat to protect your furbaby.

Tinned Tuna

Cats love fish, but eating too much of certain fish species could harm your cat’s health. Tuna is an apex predator, which makes its flesh higher in mercury, a toxic heavy metal, and can take months or even years to be eliminated from the body. Excess mercury can cause severe neurological issues, gastrointestinal distress, and at high levels, even death. Because of this, tuna is one of the foods cats can’t eat often.

The FDA recommends no more than 267 nanograms of mercury per gram of food for non-reproducing cats. You should also limit your cat’s consumption of foods containing tuna to once or twice a week.

Yeast Dough

Yeast is a crucial part of breadmaking and is responsible for making bread rise. Unfortunately, this is also what occurs inside your cat’s stomach if they consume raw bread or yeasted-pastry dough. The rising action can expand your cat’s abdomen, causing severe pain and landing it on the list of foods cats can’t eat.

Yeast also ferments in the stomach, producing alcohol as a byproduct. This could cause your cats to experience alcohol poisoning.



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