8 Breeds of Dogs that are Prone to Diabetes

Diabetes doesn’t only impact humans; our dogs are also prone to developing this condition. The insulin a dog’s body makes is affected when your dog gets diabetes. Its body can’t produce the insulin or responds incorrectly to it, resulting in a blood sugar imbalance. The result impacts our dog’s ability to stay healthy and active.

Many kinds of breeds of dogs are prone to diabetes. From small apartment dogs to large dogs needing lots of space and room to run, there are signs and symptoms to watch out for that may indicate your dog has diabetes. Taking your dog to the vet to get the correct diagnosis and treatment with medication can help to manage diabetes and allow your dog more longevity and healthier life.

If you’re in the market for a new dog, you may be curious which dogs are more prone to diabetes. Below you will find a list of breeds that are more susceptible to the disease, as well as more about diabetes and how to treat it if your dog gets it.

Risk Factors for Diabetes in Dogs

The breed or type of dog is one of the top risks for diabetes. But, it is helpful to know that there are other factors involved in what makes a dog more prone to diabetes. Several other reasons can contribute to your dog ending up with diabetes, such as:

  • Age – dogs will usually develop diabetes in middle or old age
  • Weight – an obese dog can create cells in its body that are more resistant to insulin
  • Gender – female dogs and neutered male dogs are more likely to contract diabetes
  • Diet and Nutrition – if you feed your dog food high in fat, you propel the risk of contracting diabetes. Consult with your vet about choosing proper dog food for health.

Dog Breeds More Prone to Diabetes

Golden retrievers are among the top dog breeds more prone to diabetes. However, they are also one of the most friendly and trainable family pets to own. Any dog you get, from a shelter to a breeder, can develop diabetes. Mixed breeds can be more prone than purebreds, but that doesn’t rule out any specific breed.

Some of the breeds more likely to develop diabetes besides Goldens that you should be aware of include:



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