9 Best Ways To Calm Your Dog

Have you ever been stressed because your dog is stressed? You are not alone. Many people struggle with how to calm their dogs from overactivity or anxiety.

Calming your dog is a necessary journey, so both of you can live your best life. Depending on your dog, calming them can range from more exercise to aromatherapy.

We all want to give our pups everything they need and deserve! This list will help you discover different techniques to keep your dog calm and living its healthiest life.

Best Ways to Calm Your Dog

1. Physical contact

Petting a dog

One of the most important components of calming down your dog is physical touch. Dogs react well to contact with their owners when they are beginning to get anxious.

The first step is to identify when your dog is becoming anxious or upset. That is the time to hold your dog close or give them a nice clam petting session. It shouldn’t take long for your doggy to relax once you’ve given them some physical contact!

2. Exercise

Dog Exercise

Have you ever watched your dog and thought how they could possibly have so much energy? Well, the answer may be that they are not getting enough real exercise!

As we know, every dog has different energy levels. These factors are anything from age to breed. Every breed needs a proper amount of exercise for that dog to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Excess energy, however, doesn’t only come from age and breed. Built-up stress can lead to excess energy in your dog, and daily exercise can have a huge impact on any dog’s energy levels!

Take your pup out to play fetch! Or maybe take them on your daily jog with you. There are a ton of ways to exercise your dog, and it can have a positive impact on their stress levels!

3. Massage

Pups need massages too! If you have ever had a massage melt all your stress away, you know how beneficial a good massage can be! The human body is not the only one that benefits from massage.

Just like us, dogs (and cats, for that matter) have trigger points that can hold stress and produce anxiety.

You don’t have to get the spa music playing, but you can move your dog to a quiet room and give them a relaxing environment. The best places to massage your dog are the head, neck, back, and tail. Massaging these areas are great stress relievers and can calm your dog significantly!



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