9 Top Tips for Dogs in Hot Weather

As the weather warms up, we won’t be the only ones running to find the sunniest spot in the garden. Our furry companions often love basking in the sunshine just as much as we do, but unfortunately, too much exposure to sun, heat and summer related activities can be problematic.

Thankfully, in-house Veterinary surgeon Dr Linda Simon has some top tips and expert advice on how you can keep your pooch as safe as possible this summer.

How to keep dogs safe & cool in summer

  • Walk dogs in the early morning or late evening in hot weather

Dog walks in hot weather can be unsafe for your pooch, so the ideal time for a walk is early morning before the ground has had time to warm up and when the air is still cool. If you’re not an early morning person, the next best time to walk your dog is when the sun starts to set, and the temperature has dropped. Walking your dog between these times can be dangerous as it is generally the hottest part of the day, making your dog susceptible to heatstroke and burning the pads of their feet on the hot pavement.

  • Make sure they always have the option of a shaded area

Much like humans, a lot of dogs enjoy laying out in the sun. Again, similarly to us, they can get too hot. Some dogs will know when it is time to seek shade and others won’t, so making sure there is always a shaded area available is important.

Whether you keep the door to your home open so they can wander in when they need some shade or if you can set up a tent or shaded doggy bed in the garden, a shaded area with ample water will offer a safe space for your dog to cool down. For those stubborn pups who don’t know when they’ve had too much sun, keep an eye on them and move them to a shaded area when you feel they are getting a little bit too warm!



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