6 Quick Tips To Mastering How To Train Your Dog To Fetch

How to Train Your Dog to Fetch?

Wondering how to teach a dog to fetch a frisbee, ball, or plush toy? Teaching dogs to fetch is excellent, as fetch is a fun and relatively low-effort exercise that allows you to strengthen your bond with your dog. Dogs that play fetch are also healthier, more alert.

Prepare for Dogs Before Teaching

Before teaching a dog fetching, you must prepare it appropriately. Not all dogs are instinctive fetchers, and teaching dogs to fetch reliably on command is a lot more than just ball training dog.

To teach dogs to fetch, you must get them the right fetch toys, build interest in them, and plan out a training regime. Set your dog up for success by carrying out the training sessions in small, easy-to-digest chunks.

teaching a dog fetching

At What Age Can You Teach a Puppy to Fetch?

Eight to twelve weeks of age is the perfect time to teach dogs to fetch, but you must keep their age and abilities in mind and alter the intensity of the training accordingly.

Ball training in dogs is particularly beneficial as it’s not only a great way for you and your pet to bond, but it also relieves anxiety, enhances mood, and improves behavior. Puppy fetch games also stimulate your dog mentally and can be a great way to de-stress after a long day at work.

6 Steps To Teach A Dog To Fetch

Training dogs to fetch can be a long and tiring process, but dog fetch ball also makes a great bonding opportunity for you and your dog.

Follow the guide below to teach your dog to fetch and be patient and kind throughout for the best results.

1. Select a dog fetch toy

The first step in ball training your dog is obviously to select a suitable fetch toy for it. Fetch toys can vary dramatically in size and are made from a number of different materials like rubber, plastic, yarn, etc.

Choose toys keeping your dog’s age, size, and ability in mind, and get multiple toys to have some variety and better determine what type your dog likes. Click Here to urge a broad range of fetch toys for your dogs!

Popular fetch toys like tennis balls, squeaker balls, bumpers, frisbees, and plushies are generally good choices. However, you should be careful about the materials used and avoid anything too hard if your dog has dental problems. Also, be sure to stick to things that are easy to hold when first teaching your dog to fetch.

dog fetch toy

2. Get your dog interested in the toy

Once you buy your dog some fetch toys, you must get it actually interested in said toys. One of the best ways to do this is to show interest yourself. Be excited about the toy when you introduce it, and your dog will inevitably become excited too.

In case of plush, rope, or bumper toys, you can further build interest by teasing your dog with the new toy before playing tug-of-war with it and letting your dog explore it once it takes it from you. Be sure to reward your dog for interacting with the toy at this stage, and even put treats inside the toy if possible.



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