Calm & Relaxed got Ghost through the Battle of Winterfell

Direwolf Ghost is 8 years old and has led a stressful life. Abandoned in a forest as a pup, Ghost was rescued by Jon Snow in 2011 and the two have been through a lot together. It’s great to hear how Calm & Relaxed has helped Ghost through some stressful times:

“Ghost was the runt of the litter when I found the pups. With good nutrition, he quickly grew, but he always knew that winter was coming. We’ve been through so much together, so it’s been hard to see him struggle over the last few months. I’ve been working a lot lately; spending a lot of time with Daenerys and the dragons. Ghost started showing signs of separation anxiety, he just wasn’t himself. With the stress of going into battle affecting everyone, it’s only natural that he was feeling stressed about that too. My friend Sam loves reading and he’s really into natural remedies; he’d read some great things on Feefo about Calm & Relaxed, so we moved Ghost on to the food. It’s great to see his newfound calm temperament; it helped him take the battle of Winterfell in his stride.”

Thanks so much to Jon for getting in touch with this lovely review. We wish both Jon and Ghost good fortune in the wars to come.



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