Probiotic Meaty Treats

We are very excited to introduce something special we have been working on behind the scenes here at Pooch & Mutt. This new range of tasty treats targets some important areas of canine health and offers a range of benefits. From skin and coat to mental wellbeing and oral hygiene, there is something here for every pooch and mutt. As well as helping to address underlying issues, the ingredients in these Meaty Treats can also prevent problems from developing in the first place. These treats can be fed whenever you like, such as during training sessions and as little rewards for good behavior but remember, treats should never make up more than 10% of your furry friend’s diet.

Why not treat your furry friend to a taste of Thailand? These delicious treats have a tropical flavor and are sure to go down a storm. These are the perfect snack for those dogs that are prone to dry or itchy skin or who may need a little bit of help developing their glossy coat.

Packed with Collagen and Omega 3 that can improve skin barrier function, skin remains healthy and hydrated. A broken skin barrier can result in more infections and an urge to itch so we must do all we can to keep it intact.

The Melon is a natural source of Anti-oxidants which can help to reduce inflammation; something which is especially important for patients with Atopic Dermatitis and Allergies.

We’ve also added Biotin. Research has proven that this B vitamin is key for healthy skin, coat and claws and it must be supplemented as dogs cannot manufacture themselves.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten those all-important Probiotics. Here at Pooch & Mutt, we are proud to take a holistic approach to canine health. We understand the many positive effects that probiotics exert. Healthy skin and a shiny coat, oftentimes, begins in the gut.



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