Why is protein important in my dog’s diet?

Whenever you shop for dog food, you’ll often hear or read that the food is full of protein. At tails.com, it’s no different, and our food is packed full of healthy proteins that have been balanced using our tailor-made dry food recipes so that your dog will get exactly the right amount. But what role does protein play in a dog’s diet? And what exactly is protein anyway? Let’s take a closer look.

We’re pro-protein

Lots of foods contain protein, from meat and fish to eggs, nuts and seeds. It’s a molecule that helps our bodies in so many ways, from giving our tissue and organs their shape, to helping us lose weight. It’s a great source of energy, helps us to build muscles, boosts our immune systems and makes our bones stronger. It does all of this for us humans when we digest it, and it does all of this for dogs too. That’s why we make sure that our kibble, wet food and treats are packed full of protein.

And in dogs especially, good levels of protein can help to maintain a healthy coat and skin, and it also plays a vital role in the development of puppies to young dogs, helping their bones and muscles to grow strong. There’s really no downside to your dog getting the right amount of protein in their diet.

Our top 5 protein-packed recipes

We know how to make protein not only a healthy, but also delicious treat or meal for your dog. Here are some of our recipes that your pooch will delight in devouring:



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