Dog Food: A Kangaroo Diet Guide for Dogs

When it comes to feeding your dog the best diet, it’s difficult to beat kangaroo. This rich, lean, and tasty protein is packed with more than just flavor. It’s a unique Australian, uniquely eco-friendly meat. Kangaroo kibble is a heart-healthy choice for dogs of all ages, sizes, and activities levels. If you’re thinking of jumping on a kangaroo meat dog food, then this article will help you discover the benefits of this nutrient-dense protein.

Is Kangaroo Meat for Dogs Healthy?

two miniature pinschers on leash in the foreground on the right with two kangaroos in the background in nature.

Absolutely. Kangaroo meat dog food offers a wide array of advantages. Most of these benefits provide your dog with bountiful health. However, some of these benefits go beyond just your four-legged best friend.

A Lean Red Meat

One of the greatest characteristics of kangaroo for dogs is that it is the leanest red meat on the market [1]. Kangaroo has almost no saturated fat at all! In fact, it fat level is under 2% [k]. This makes it an ideal choice for providing highly active dogs with abundant energy and meaty flavor.

With such low saturated fat density, kangaroo meat pet food is an ideal choice for pets with predispositions to cardiovascular disease [2]. Additionally, dogs that can be a bit choosey yet struggle with excess weight, kangaroo offers a fun, unique flavor without the excess calories of fats.

A Novel Protein for Dogs with Food Sensitivities

Kangaroo meat pet food is relatively uncommon worldwide. While we’re lucky to have a great source of kangaroo, here, many dog food companies choose to use lower-quality proteins from overseas. While this is a shame for many pet food manufacturers, it does come with an advantage: kangaroo remains a novel protein.

Over the course of years, some dogs and other pets develop allergies or sensitivities to common proteins like chicken and beef, in their diets. As a novel protein, kangaroo pet food allows dogs and other pets the opportunity to enjoy a high-quality meat without digestive discomfort.

Additionally, because we’re so close to the source, kangaroo remains a highly affordable option for Australian pets with unique dietary needs.

A Rich Source of Nutrients

This lean red meat isn’t just delicious and low in fat. It’s also dense in highly beneficial nutrients. These include:



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