Safety Tips for Walking Your Dog In The Night

The clocks will fall back next month, and the sun will be going down much earlier. As all dog lovers know, there are many forms of exercise that dogs love, and strolling is one of them. But before you step out with your loved animal companion when the sun is off, you need to consider the challenges of walking your dog during the nighttime and be sure that you prioritize the safety of both of you.

We’ve listed out a few tips to safeguard both you and your loved companion while both of you enjoy your time ambling through the streets.

Gear up Properly

When you step out with your dog during the night, you need to make sure that you and your fur friend are visible to the people driving in the car or riding a motorbike. Sometimes the weather makes it difficult to see things with low or no sunlight. Use light-colored clothes or jackets with reflective fabrics on them. Reflective vests come really handy and enable others to sight you easily in dark. You can buy both human & pet reflective vests from both online and a local store.



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