Beagle Diet & Meal Plan Advice

Better dog health comes from a combination of plenty of exercise and better nutrition. And as dog food is a highly regulated industry, you still need to avoid some subpar food makers.

In order to find the highest quality dog food is to understand the food label.

Manufacturers list their ingredients by weight, meaning the items listed first are the heaviest and most abundant in the product. Look for a product label with protein from a pure source such as chicken, salmon, etc., as the primary ingredient. High-quality food will list in order protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins in order of importance.

As mentioned before, your product label should be transparent regarding food sources. Instead of “meat meal,” proteins should be listed from the original source, as should other ingredients such as fruit and vegetables.

For example, carrots and peas should be listed instead of the generic term, “vegetables.” Subpar manufacturers will look to cut corners on their ingredient list, but high-quality food makers like Hungry Bark will be transparent and clear about the ingredient source. The more direct the labeling, the purer the source of the ingredient.



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