Rottweiler Diet & Meal Plan Advice

Rottweilers are big, powerful animals that are playful at heart and have the stamina of a long-distance runner. They are bred to herd cattle for long treks and are strong enough to wrestle even the largest steer.

As an active breed, Rottweilers need lots of daily activity and exercise. Daily long walks, runs, hikes, and agility drills are good ways to get the bare necessity of exercise, but Rottweilers need even more stimulus and outlet for their energy levels.

Exercise serves multiple purposes in your dog’s health. Exercise aids in your dog’s digestive health, assists with weight management, builds strong bones, teeth, and muscles, enhances moods and calms their minds. As the saying goes, “a tired dog is a happy dog.”

Keep in mind that dogs at different stages have different exercise requirements, and you should adapt your exercise routine based on advice from your veterinarian. The vet will take your dog’s weight, age, and overall physical condition in their evaluation of your dog’s exercise needs.



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