A Helpful Guide: How to Crate Train a Dog

A Helpful Guide How to Crate Train a Dog

Did you know that crate training a dog can take several weeks or longer to accomplish? And that’s just introducing your dog to their crate and getting them used to the idea of it!

But how do you crate train a dog? It takes time, but long-lasting dog chews and bully sticks can do the trick. But there’s more to it than that.

You need to have patience when crate training your dog, putting in good effort to ensure they see their crate as a positive place – not a place of punishment. So where do you start? First and foremost, you want to start by getting them a proper crate.

Get your dog the right crate

The right dog crate size depends on the size of your dog. The general rule of thumb – determining the length of your dog’s crate – is as follows:

Get your dog the right crate

Crate Length (inches) Dog weight (pounds)
19” Under 20 lbs.
24” 20 to 30 lbs.
30” 30 to 40 lbs.
36” 40 to 70 lbs.
42” 70 to 90 lbs.
48” 90 lbs. and over

While you’ll want to choose the size of your dog based on their current weight, you also need to think of your dog’s age. For instance, if you have a puppy that is currently 30 pounds, you’ll want to think of how large they’ll grow up to be.

However, you don’t want to buy too large, either. Part of the problem with buying a large crate is that it provides your dog with too much room. Why is that a problem?

Most dogs won’t go to the bathroom in their crate – one of the right size – because they have no extra space to get away from it. So, if they were to poop or pee in their crate, they’re going to have to lay in it. Yet, a dog with a crate too large might have enough space to go to the bathroom and still avoid it.

You should buy a crate that is intended for their adult size. If that’s going to be a drastic difference between now and then, you may want to consider buying your crates used off Facebook or Craigslist, as it will make the process of purchasing and trading that much easier.

How to Crate Train a Dog

Where do you start with crate training? You need to understand that it will take time, and that you’ll need to put in regular effort to be successful at crate training. Here’s where you start and what you should do:



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