A Note from a Nervous Dog

Hi Hoomans,

I’m Sweetpea – I’m 4 years old and I’m part bulldog, pitty, manatee, goat, and pig.

I know this because my dad tells everyone who asks when I’m outside taking him on a walk.  I love my mom and dad, and most of all my older brother Jasper.  He’s 10 and even though he’s different than me (he has thumbs, stands on 2 legs, and goes to the bathroom on a seat filled with water), we play all the time!

My life is great, but it wasn’t always this way. I don’t remember everything about when I was young, but I do remember I lived outside on a leash and almost never saw anyone.  I was so lonely, and even worse, I almost never got food.  I remember my new mom telling someone that when they found me I was 20 pounds and so anemic that when they took my blood, I passed out and they didn’t know if I was going to make it.



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