Safely Walking Your Dog in Rain, Snow, or Mud

Regular exercise is vital for your dog’s mental and physical health, but during cold and wet weather, getting outside poses some extra safety challenges you should keep in mind.

Walking your dog in the rain and snow often comes with cold temperatures, making walks chilly and uncomfortable for you and your dog. Not to mention, your pup may struggle to keep their footing when walking on wet, muddy, or icy surfaces, putting them at risk of injury if they slip. Visibility is another primary concern during damp weather, and drivers have a more difficult time stopping on slippery pavement, so it’s imperative you wear reflective clothing so they can see you and your pup from afar.

If you are wondering what dogs need on a walk to stay safe, keep these top safety tips in mind so you can dress your dog properly when walking in rain, snow, or mud.

Warm layers are essential

Even dogs agree that being cold is no fun, and in extreme cases, prolonged exposure to frigid conditions could lead to hypothermia which can be life-threatening. Just because your dog has hair or fur, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will keep them sufficiently warm enough during cold, wet weather. Always be mindful of the temperature outside and whether your dog can reasonably tolerate it without dog rain gear.

Breeds like the Boston Terrier or Italian Greyhound and other dogs with thin coats may struggle to stay warm, even on mild days. In the same way, puppies, senior dogs, and small breeds are all more susceptible to cold than other dogs. Dog snow gear, like snow suits, are helpful in keeping your dog warm on walks.



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